Winter Restaurant Week 2017

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1st course

  • Chef Mariah’s Roasted Winter Vegetable Soup with Caper Relish

2nd course choices

  • Pizza Oven-roasted Bone Marrow with Celery Salad and Grilled Bread
  • Garlic Bread with Housemade Mozzarella, Lemon Zest and Bottarga
  • Veg Alt: Garlic Bread with Housemade Mozzarella and Harissa-dressed Roasted Rutabaga

Main course choices

This course comes with your choice of one side

  • Grilled Pork Rib Chop with Roman Sauce
  • Baked Lamb and Eggplant Moussaka with Potato Breadcrumb Topping
  • Grilled Trout with Tomato Sauce
  • Handmade Ricotta and Fontina Cheese Ravioli with Butternut Squash and Sage Butter

Dessert choices

  • Polenta Cake with Orange Slices and Caramel
  • Spiced Yogurt Custard Pie
  • Something Chocolate…