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Welcome to Wheat Penny!

Pizza is fun, informal, celebratory, brings people together, and brings a smile to everybody’s face. We are personal and homemade and this food and atmosphere expresses what we are all about…from the extra swipe of extra virgin olive oil, to fresh snipped herbs; we believe in texture, flavor, and someone to share it with.

-Elizabeth Wiley | Owner

Eat With Us

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Who We Are

Learn all about how Wheat Penny came to be! 

About Us

The Bar At Wheat Penny

Wheat Penny has a bar program featuring an impressive variety of spirits, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, lots of fresh herbs, housemade syrups from ginger to hibiscus to black pepper, and our awesome homemade bitters. Our craft beer and small producer wine lists change with the seasons. With everything that’s happening in the world of libations, it’s easy to be passionate about what we offer at the bar. Good snacks, great cocktails and our skilled and lovely bartenders make Wheat Penny a good place to meet for a drink.